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Air Financial Partners, Inc

Press Release

Press Release

Columbus, Ohio May 2014: Air Financial Partners Inc., (AirFP), a tax software service bureau that helps its clients offer tax preparation to their customers, announces new software that will assist authorized eFile providers and forthcoming professional income tax preparers with minimizing time spent preparing taxes.

AirFP specializes in working with dedicated tax preparers and businesses that believe tax preparation would complement their existing products and services. Check cashing and insurance agencies, car dealerships and retail stores are just a few examples of existing partnerships.

Banking partners such as Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (SBTPG), EPS Financial, Refund Advantage, etc. assist AirFP in aiding clients to realize high income from fee-based tax preparation services via bank products. The team at AirFP goes the distance by customizing a complete online web presence for clients which facilitates preliminary data collection from new tax payer clientele. In addition, AirFP conducts comprehensive training sessions of client’s team members while providing support 24/7 during peak tax season.

“While training is necessary regarding the proper way to complete tax returns, the program we provide keeps you current with new changes to laws affecting your tax preparation business. Our software does the heavy lifting as well as the calculations for you”, says Aarius Dumas, New Accounts Manager and CEO, North America.

Finance majors or those with an insurance background have the opportunity to use a tax service bureau to offer professional tax preparation services and prepare taxes as they build a financial service business. There is no end to those that can offer tax preparation services and add value beyond the scope of their existing business.

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Offer Bank Products such as Refund Loans, Checks & Debit Card Dispersements

We partner with tax industry banks that offer settlement products allowing you to secure your fees.

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SBTPG | GreenDot | PreFund

TPG offers quality financial products to the e-file industry that satisfy consumers’ needs, are priced fairly and provide true value. TPG is investing in relationships by providing tax pros with a program to help retain and grow business for years to come.

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Republic Bank - Tax Refund Solutions

Republic Bank will provide advance payment of 50% of your tax preparation fees on all acknowledged returns with a Refund Transfer at the beginning of filing season to help you make ends meet until IRS funding begins.

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Refund Advantage | Paper Return Fee Collect

Refund Advantage Tax Refund Services was built with you- the independent ERO, in mind. Our goal is to help you remain competitive by giving you the tools, options and solutions you need to diversify your business and compete with the national chains.